EdVeu is the future of education data!

Educational institutions are gathering more data than ever before. This data is priceless; it just needs the right tools.

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What is EdVeu?

EdVeu is a data-centric software service that provides a wide range of solutions to serve educational institutions with the growing data generated by students, educators, and administrators.

What we do?

Reporting for assessment data

EdVeu's solutions integrate with Learning Management Systems to analyze and report academic assessment data

Reports for all purposes

EdVeu's reporting tools allow administrators to generate reports for internal reporting purposes, and accreditation purposes

Data-driven decision making

EdVeu's solutions drive the decision-making process to be data-driven and allow administrators to set up plans and initiate strategic initiatives that ensure student and institution success.

Our Goals

Insights from data collection

Collecting data is not a problem. What we do with it is the challenge. EdVeu will help make the most sense out of the data

Improve student performance

Leverage analytics for student performance data, through LMS integrations

Meaningful reporting process

By providing real-time analytics, and a user-friendly reporting solution. Reporting findings should not be complicated

Data availability to stakeholders

With a click of a button, students, teachers, and administrators should access and track their data

Our Advantages

LMS Inntegration

EdVeu's solutions integrates with Learning Management Systems to analyze and report academic assessment data

User-friendly interface

We invest in UI/UX designs! EdVeu's solutions are designed to be user-friendly to ease the process of data analysis and report building

Designed by industry experts

Our solutions are designed by industry experts, either administrators or teachers. This ensures the relevancy of our solutions


Learning Outcomes Reporting Tool

Reporting solution provides analytical and visualization features to track students' learning outcomes performance.

Curriculum Mapping Tool

With LMS integration, this solution provides an easy way to map the curriculum and track programmatic outcomes

Student Predictive Tool

Utilizing machine learning to help students plan for their future registrations

Learning Outcomes Developing Tool

Help educators develop the appropriate learning outcomes that fits course levels