About Us

EdVeu is a data-centric software service that provides a wide range of solutions to serve educational institutions with the growing data generated by students, educators, and administrators.

Our Competencies

Insights from data collection

Collecting data is not a problem. What we do with it is the challenge. EdVeu will help make the most sense out of the data

Improve student performance

Leverage analytics for student performance data, through LMS integrations

Meaningful reporting process

By providing real-time analytics, and a user-friendly reporting solution. Reporting findings should not be complicated

Data availability to stakeholders

With a click of a button, students, teachers, and administrators should access and track their data

Our History

We are a team of educators, professionals, and data scientists. We blend educational experience with the latest technologies in the data world. Our product development team designs solutions and features in collaboration with academic administrators, faculty members, and students.

Student Centric

EdVeu's mission is to provide insights to help faculty and students track academic progress. EdVeu solutions drive the decision-making process to be data-driven and allow administrators to set up plans and programs that ensure student and institution success.

Continuous Development

As education is in constant development, our solutions are in continuous development to meet the rapid changes in the educational world. Assessment practices are changing with technological development, and with this development, new forms of data are getting generated. This data is the future to understand how students learn and how pedagogical practices are effective.

EdVeu's solutions account for these rapid changes with our continuous development philosophy. Our teams monitor how education changes and design solutions that ensure students' success.